David-Bastedo - Episode 08: Whole & Unleashed

Whole & Unleashed – Podcast

I met Jess working at an Agency many years ago now. We used to make images together. She was my Art Director and I enjoyed working with her very much.

She left the Agency world and went on to become a Wellness Coach and Strala Yoga Guide. She created a Podcast called Whole & Unleashed – about coming home to ourselves. chats on burnout, pivoting, fulfillment & more.

I was delighted when she asked if I would be on. Of course I said yes.
Here’s part of the intro that jess wrote.

Episode 08: David Bastedo on why he refuses to specialize and finding success through failure

Today’s guest is someone I met in my ad days. His name is David Bastedo and he is a Creative Technologist, Photographer, Artist & Speaker. His personal story is about passion. And you’ll be able to see throughout our chat, David is passionate about exploring and following his curiosities. About having and following dreams, chasing ideas and creativity. Making and creating things. Taking chances. Pushing himself and often failing. Constantly questioning how he wants to live today, tomorrow and throughout the next part of his life.

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