Four Little Pigs by Photographer David Bastedo

A collection of photographs of Things by David Bastedo.


Landscapes I’ll be adding more images to this area. It’s just a spot to images of special landscapes and places. Back to Photographs


David Bastedo - Water Series

David Bastedo presents a series of Water Images. A study of the same piece of Lake Ontario Water spanning years.

The Trews

The Trews - by Photographer David Bastedo

Images of the Canadian Rock Band The Trews captured by Photographer David Bastedo

The Kingston Pen

Series - The Kingston Penitentiary / 2019

A series of images from inside the Kingston Penitentiary taken by Photographer David Bastedo.

My Beating Heart

My Beating Heart - A heart focused project by David Bastedo

My Beating Heart is a project by Multi-Disciplinary Artist David Bastedo focused on Hearts

Erotic Dolls

Erotic Doll Series of photographs by Photographer David Bastedo

A series of photographs of Erotic Barbie Dolls by photographer David Bastedo


David Bastedo - Photographs of Bubbles - A Series in Progress

Bubbles In the summer of 2018 I got interested in bubbles for some reason and I bought a number of bubble machines. I started to make bubbles and take photographs of them. It is an ongoing series as I have never gotten tired of making bubbles and the smiles that appear on people‚Äôs faces. These […]

New Authorized images of The Tragically Hip

New Authorized images of The Tragically Hip

I am pleased to be releasing a new set of Authorized Fine Art Images with and of, The Tragically Hip. This release has a wide range of images from the Man Machine Poem Tour – as well as a few images from before. Available on