Ace of Wands – performing at the Wolfe Island Hotel.  View Series

This featured series of images is from an exhibition I did that showcased Fifty images of The Tragically Hip from the twelve years that photographer David Bastedo worked with a Canada’s iconic band. 

David Bastedo is a Kingston Ontario based Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Photographer, Painter, Storyteller & Creative Technologist

David Bastedo

I was first introduced to the camera and learned how to develop my own images when I was in grade 8 at school. I received a camera  and darkroom equipment that same year from my parents and as a result I spent much of my youth exploring and creating with a camera in my hand then in my darkroom, revealing the mysteries contained within. I got into computers and web development and I started working with musicians, taking pictures and making videos to create content before it was a thing.

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Paul Langlois by David Bastedo


Music I’ve shot a lot of bands over the years. Mostly Canadian. I mostly work directly with a band, or management team. This is a

Gord Downie - Shy Guy - by David Bastedo


A selection of portraits by Kingston, Ontario based Photographer David Bastedo.


Photographic Series

Below are a collection of Photographic collections I have captured over the years.

Who the F@#K is David Bastedo - Kingston Magazine

Kingston Magazine

Who the F@#K is David Bastedo – Kingston Magazine We talk to Multi-Disciplinary Artist David Bastedo about moving to Kingston and dig into his passions

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands is a Dreamrock band from Toronto. They are a mix of Rush, Queen and Bowie. It’s complicated, hard, dreamy rock. This power

Who the F@#K is David Bastedo

Who the F@#K is David Bastedo

Who the F@#K is David Bastedo launched in November with David Bastedo putting himself on the cover of “Rolling Stone Magazine”. The audacity of it all!



Landscapes I’ll be adding more images to this area. It’s just a spot to images of special landscapes and places. Back to Photographs

David Bastedo - Water Series


David Bastedo presents a series of Water Images. A study of the same piece of Lake Ontario Water spanning years.

The Trews - by Photographer David Bastedo

The Trews

Images of the Canadian Rock Band The Trews captured by Photographer David Bastedo