Dear Kingston, I’d like to meet you

Dear Kingston,

My name is David Bastedo. I take photographs and I recently moved here. I’d like to meet you and take your portrait for an artistic project.

Maybe we’re friends. Maybe we know each other. Maybe you’ve heard of me. I want to (re)connect.

I am launching a new project – its basically coffee and a conversation at my home studio, then you’ll sit for a portrait session.

We’ll have a conversation (which will be recorded audio + video). You’ll introduce yourself to me and share part of your personal story – who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive – your passions, and experiences. I’ll learn something about you and it will inform the portrait that I make of you.

You’ll bring an object – I’ll be taking pictures of it as well – which you will tell me about – its significance, why it is important and what it might represent to you and be present.

I’ll ask you some questions – ask you to share something about your personal experience, a lesson, a regret, a challenge etc. and then I’ll take a few portraits – with and without the object, as well as the object that you bring.

I hope to learn something from you and about myself. Challenge some of my fears and insecurities during the process. Meet some new people. Push myself creatively and personally. Establish myself as a Kingstonian – living, working and creating.

I hope to learn more about my new city, its citizens, and my friends and neighbours.

I will write something about each participant and our conversation which will go along with the image, that I will be posting to my website and social media. I’ll have an exhibition of the images in the future is my hope.

I will give you some .jpgs from the portrait session for you to use personally.

I also hope to turn the portraits, audio and video recordings into a larger multimedia exhibition, of some kind – – some type of physical performance down the road. I’m not sure of that part yet.

  • Each session will be 1 – 1.5 hours. Just me and you.
  • The conversation will be filmed and recorded by me.
  • You will have to sign a release.
  • I’ll be making a lot of it up as I go.
  • You have to be from Kingston or the surrounding area.
  • No cost.
  • Digital Files for Personal use will be given to you
  • Prints can be purchased.
  • Commercial rights can be purchased.

I’ll be starting in September and hope to do at least 1 per week for a year.

Thank you!


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