Who the F@#K is David Bastedo

Who the F@#K is David Bastedo

Who the F@#K is David Bastedo launched in November with David Bastedo putting himself on the cover of “Rolling Stone Magazine”. The audacity of it all!

Branded to Film – Den Mother Crimson – Heading to Cannes

Den Mother Crimson (DMC) is the first + 1 Million dollar movie created end-to-end in Kingston. Produced by Branded to Film – DMC is a sci-fi/psychological thriller and it has been accepted to the festival’s “Frontieres” buyers showcase this year at Cannes. 

Den Mother Crimson

On Set w/ Den Mother Crimson

I am thrilled to be a part of the Den Mother Crimson Crew – a feature film shot and produced entirely in Kingston

The Gord Downie Collection

The Gord Downie Collection is a selection of images curated by David Bastedo and released for sale as an Official, Authorized and Licensed collection of Fine Art Prints.

Art Commission for Local Charity to Support Front Line Health Workers

My Beating Heart Project

My Beating Heart I started working with Hearts several years ago as a way to integrate something digital with something physical. I started to build hearts that I could make beat with lights. … and then I hooked this to a sensor that read my heart beat and My Beating Heart  became the project title. […]

Gord Downie – JAWS – selected for Maclean’s – A Year in Pictures – 2016

One of my images of Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip’s on the Man Machine Poem Tour this past summer has been selected for a two page spread in Maclean’s Magazine’s A Year in Pictures 2016 – Collector’s Edition – for the month of August. The image selected is one of my favourites and is from the first night in Calgary.