The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Legacy room

The Canada C3 Downie Wenjack Fund Legacy Room. ABOUT THE DOWNIE WENJACK FUND The Downie Wenjack Fund is Gord Downie’s legacy towards reconciliation in Canada. The goal of the fund is to continue the conversation that begins with residential schools, and to help the healing process through a combination of awareness and education. For more […]

Talk Boutique – Salon Series

Nick Kindler and Andrea Sampson are two old friends of mine who are working together in a company they created called Talk Boutique – where they have “an offering to help others build stories, communicate messages and perform with compelling engagement to create deep and lasting societal change”. Talk Boutique holds a Salon Series of […]

Downie Wenjack Legacy Room at the DAREarts Leadership Awards

I am pleased to announce that some of my images from The Secret Path tour on display in the Downie Wenjack Legacy Room at the DAREarts Leadership Awards happening tonight. As well, there are two – previously unreleased images – which Gord has signed – that have been donated to their fundraising auction. This is […]


BARQ is a band I took the time to catch during Canadian Music Week and I really loved them. My brother-in-law is Irish and his nephew is the guitarist in this band – so I volunteered to grab some images for them of the show.

Gord Downie – JAWS – selected for Maclean’s – A Year in Pictures – 2016

One of my images of Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip’s on the Man Machine Poem Tour this past summer has been selected for a two page spread in Maclean’s Magazine’s A Year in Pictures 2016 – Collector’s Edition – for the month of August. The image selected is one of my favourites and is from the first night in Calgary.

MACLEAN’S Magazine – Joseph Boyden’s seven love songs for Gord Downie

I was approached by Joseph Boyden at the beginning of the “Man Machine Poem” tour about a piece that he and his wife, Amanda were writing for MacLean’s Magazine about The Tragically Hip. Joseph wanted to use my photograph’s to accompany the article. The article appeared on the cover of MacLean’s September 12, 2016 issue […]