David Bastedo is a Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Photographer, Storyteller & Creative Technologist based in Kingston, ON.

Artworks by David Bastedo

David Bastedo is a dynamic Canadian multi-disciplinary artist whose mediums include painting, sculpture, and photography. His lively, often vibrant creations exemplify self-expression and self-discovery, mirroring his personality and life experiences, while encapsulating his youthful spirit, creative curiosity, and pursuit of emotional release.

Driven by a love for colour and the delight it evokes, Bastedo challenges himself by continually pushing his boundaries and experimenting with new techniques and motivations which serve as a positive channel within him, promoting his ongoing artistic growth.

After a prominent career in photography and digital art, Bastedo’s return to painting marks a transition to a more tactile experience; a process that is deeply introspective and serves as a reflection and a response to his lived experiences and environment. Drawing from an array of physical and emotional inspirations, Bastedo’s chromatic expressions evolve through successive iterations and layers over time; each capturing the essence of a current state. A piece is deemed complete when it evokes happiness or alleviates emotional turmoil.

During the pandemic, Bastedo sought to re-establish his connection with the analog and sensory nature of art. His creations function both as an outlet and a representation of his personal journey; characterised by continuous evolution and transformation, demonstrating the formidable power of creative expression. As an Artist, Bastedo exhibits his passion and skills, encouraging individuals to stay true to their own interests and appreciate their own journey and sense of artistic adventure.