David Bastedo is a Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Photographer, Storyteller & Creative Technologist based in Kingston, ON.

Artworks by David Bastedo

David Bastedo is a dynamic Canadian multi-disciplinary artist . His lively and vibrant creations exemplify self-expression and self-discovery, mirroring his personality and life experiences, while encapsulating his youthful spirit, creative curiosity, and pursuit of emotional release.

Driven by a love for colour and the delight it evokes, Bastedo challenges himself by continually pushing his boundaries and experimenting with new techniques and motivations which serve as a positive channel within him, promoting his ongoing artistic growth.

Bastedo’s process is deeply introspective and serves as a reflection and a response to his lived experiences and environment. Drawing from an array of physical and emotional inspirations, his chromatic expressions evolve through successive iterations and layers over time; each capturing the essence of his current state. A piece is deemed complete when it evokes happiness or alleviates emotional turmoil.